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Red Branch of Eri

Derived from an ancient Order in Ireland, started and patronized by the Kings of Ireland and said to consist of freemasons, it is claimed that in early Ireland that this Order possessed a history equal to that of the most highly developed of ancient Orders.  Today, it is an honorary body for members of the Allied Masonic Degrees, and consists of four separate levels, with Knight Commander being the highest.

Knight Commander

Tom Gruis (2009)
Ken Brickman (2010)
Shane Harshbarger (2010)
W. Charles Smithson (2011)
Wade Sheeler (2013)
Kurt Hoffmann (2014)
David Dryer (2015)



Kurt Hoffmann (2010)
Wade Sheeler (2011)


Bryce Hildreth (2013)
David Dryer (2014)
Frank Osdoba (2014)